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Who is Gregorian Bivolaru >>> Biography of Gregorian Bivolaru

Gregorian Bivolaru was born on 12 March 1952, in Tãrtãsesti, Romania.

Since a child he was fond of reading. During middle school and high-school he spent most of his time in the libraries in Bucharest reading thousands of books of physics, chemistry, alchemy, parapsychology, psychoanalysis, medicine and sexology. Little by little he discovered the fascinating Eastern spirituality and he devoted himself completely to yoga study and practice.

In 1971 he started to teach his first yoga courses. From the same moment the Secret Services started to watch him, due to his correspondence with the great historian of religions, philosopher and writer Mircea Eliade, considered by the communists a “public enemy” for his interests in the yoga system and in the Eastern mysticism.

His home was searched and all his books of Eastern and esoteric philosophy, all his personal correspondence and notebooks were confiscated.

In 1982 the Yoga courses were banned by the communist regime (this also happened to martial arts and to all forms of esoteric or spiritual practice, even the Faculty of Psychology was closed down), however he continued to teach yoga illegally. He had at that time more than 170 students, even though the risks for both the students and the teacher were significant. All those who were attending at that time professor's Gregorian Bivolaru yoga courses were arrested and aggressed by the Secret Services agents.

On 17 April 1984 he was arrested and charged with conspiracy against Ceausescu. The secret agents considered him more dangerous than an ordinary criminal, as he would have acted in a subtle manner, which could not be blocked. Then he was imprisoned and even chained, for he had once escaped by using paranormal powers acquired due to the practice of certain yoga techniques. His escape was in Mr. Bivolaru's opinion a “sui generis” protest against the political oppression, and in the same time a clear proof of the value of the yoga system.

In 1989 he was arrested again, although there were no charges against him. The communist regime put him this time into the High Security Mental Hospital of Poiana Mare - a place used to “make lost” political dissidents - with the recommendation to be put under strong medication, together with prisoners with real mental diseases. We have to mention here that despite the risk of opposing a despotic order, dr. Leonard Hriscu, refused to give him the respective medication considering the diagnosis to be made up (see doctor statement in the movie “Who is afraid of Gregorian Bivolaru?”).

Years later, a court decision stated that Gregorian Bivolaru was sentenced and jailed for political reasons during the communist regime. On 4th of July 2011 the Bucharest Tribunal acknowledged the political nature of the convictions decided against the claimant by penal sentence no. 68/1977, penal sentence no. 960/1984 and of the claimant’s hospitalization ruled against him by penal sentence no. 616/1989.

In 1990, after the fall of the communist regime, professor Bivolaru resumed his yoga teachings. Due to his spiritual accomplishments, he obtained in 1990 the title “professor of Yoga” of the International Himalayan Vishvaguru Yoga University and later he is certified as “professor of Yoga” by the High Studies School from the Universal Academy for Peace ( France ).

In January 1990 Gregorian Bivolaru founded MISA, the Movement for Spiritual Integration into Absolute, organisation having as a goal to raise the spiritual level of the Romanian people through the dissemination of yoga knowledge. MISA opened yoga classes and holds also lectures on related disciplines such as kashmirian philosophy, and ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine). Also, the movement proved to contribute at the enhancement of moral and cultural values of the Romanians (see the official web-site of MISA, www.yogaesoteric.net).

The yoga courses opened first in Bucharest spread soon all over the country. Competent teachers were trained under the guidance of Gregorian Bivolaru. Based on the ancient yoga knowledge and also on his own reach experience, he succeeded to found an extensive and integral yoga system.

Due to its effectiveness, this yoga system was implemented in a similar manner in more than 20 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, even Australia . This is how The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation, ATMAN, was created. It is an organisation that brings together spiritual movements from different parts of the world having as their main goals the awakening of the spirituality on Earth, the reconsideration of the fundamental truths, the reorientation of the humanity towards the highest possible aim of a man's life, spiritual liberation. Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru is the spiritual mentor of this federation.

MISA yoga school counts today almost 35,000 students and sympathizers in Romania and abroad.

In addition to the yoga course, he started many other directions of self-knowledge development. He brought into Romania –reconsidered from a scientific perspective, fitting better the occidental education system– ancient health systems, like ayurveda (a naturist medicine system developed in India ), fito-therapy, chromo-therapy, helio-therapy, as well as ancient esoteric systems like Kashmir Shaivism.

Due to his extreme curiosity and an enormous appetite for studying, he succeed to reformulate from an esoteric point of view modern aspects of psychology and sociology – like the study of the enneagram. He encouraged the study of the sacred books and made it possible by creating an immense library. Also his personal contribution to the mentioned library is not to be neglected. A number of 38 books written, translated or commented by Mr. Bivolaru, together with more than 100 articles stand for the high standard educative spirit he proved during his life. (see the List of Publications)

His close collaboration with the Ministry of health, with the Association for Psycho-somatic Medicine or the National Association for the Promotion of Unconventional Medicine create a favourable context for applying with success the principles Mr. Bivolaru sustain to be the base for obtaining and maintaining a healthy life.

Currently his case is under monitor by independent organizations who fight for reforms in the Romanian Justice, like "Sojust". The September 2006 alternative report in the Human rights chapter shows:

"At the same time, two arrest warrants were issued on the name of Gregorian Bivolaru (gone to Sweden), one for the offense of sexual act with a minor and the other for human traffic. These were the grounds for the Romanian State’s request of his extradition. But the Supreme Court of Stockholm got to the conclusion that, due to the violation of the presumption of innocence, of implicating the political scene and the media in this case (one even got a special mention that the authorities deliberately turned the public opinion against the defendant), the Romanian Justice cannot ensure an equitable trial to the citizen whose extradition was requested, a reason for which the Romanian State’s request was turned down. After two more months, the Swedish Government accepted to grant Mr. Bivolaru the statute of political refugee."

The lawyers of Gregorian Bivolaru filed four applications to the European Court for Human Rights. The applications cover the violations that occurred while issuing the two arrest warrants.

Being a constant fighter for the true values of the human life, for the right of every man to live in wellness, peace and harmony with it's surrounding, professor Bivolaru found himself in opposition with any political system, no matter of which “colour”, based on constriction, manipulation, depriving of freedom, and especially of the freedom of choice. As a consequence, both he and the movement he initiated came to be considered by the political class as a threat, and this way becoming subjects of continuous harassment and discrimination.

More details about Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA in the documentary about the case - "Looking for the Truth":

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