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According to Niclas Larsson, lawyer of the MISA mentor in Sweden, the latter has been given the right to permanent residence in Sweden, as a refugee, which in the Swedish law terms grants the asylum. The verdict cannot be challenged to appeal. Also, Gregorian Bivolaru cannot be extradited.

Gregorian Bivolaru was given political asylum in Sweden; the final decision of the Immigration Authority was delivered to Gregorian Bivolaru's lawyers in the 2006 New Year's Eve. The Immigration Authority ruled on the appeal submitted by Gregorian Bivolaru against the decision of the Foreigners Authority in Malmo, which had previously rejected his asylum request and finally decided to approve it.

The political asylum, which the Swedish authorities hardly grant after thorough judicial investigations, is now granted two months after the Supreme Court of Justice of Stockholm had denied the extradition requests submitted by the Romanian authorities, on grounds of unsupported accusations stated against the MISA mentor.

The verdict of the Swedish Justice proves the whole Gregorian Bivolaru file as a huge framing. The accusations against the MISA mentor stated by the Romanian authorities have no real ground, but they have been forged in order to destroy the greatest yoga school in Europe.

The nine months investigation of the Gregorian Bivolaru file in Sweden concluded unjust persecution against him in Romania due to his beliefs. The MISA mentor will be from now on protected against the Romanian authorities' abuses. The Swedish appraised due protection and agreed asylum for him. Therefore Gregorian Bivolaru will soon enjoy the rights of a Swedish citizen and the Bucharest authorities shall no longer expect his extradition. The decision is undeniably final as far as the Romanian state is concerned.

Here is the translation of the decision in question:

The Appeal Board for foreigners cancels deportation and grants permanent residence and the right to work for Gregorian Bivolaru by which his refugee status is stated [Niclas Larson, lawyer of Gregorian Bivolaru comments: permanent residence as a refugee will be known as asylum].

The Emigration Board will issue the decision to confirm the residence right and the refugee status. The Emigration will meet all measures proper to the above decision. The decision is not liable to appeal!

January 04, 2006
MISA PR Department

Source: yogaesoteric.net

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