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Abstract of the article Published on Monday, 17 May 2004, In “Ziarul” Newspaper

<Member of European Parliament, Bivolaru fan>
The article presents the position of Ulla Sandbek, MEPt, who says she would intervene with Brussels officials if the abuses in MISA case will continue. She considers the yoga practitioners should receive apologies and compensations for the defamation. Mrs. Sandbek got in touch several times with the Romanian Ambassador in Brussels, from whom she requested clarifications in MISA case.

The article also quotes her interview on Prima TV [a Romanian TV channel – n.n.], when she said “if my daughter didn't want to live with me anymore, I would have felt much better if she was in an organization like MISA”.

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Abstract of the article published on Saturday, 16 April 2004, “Gardianul” Newspaper

<Bivolaru, Advised to Ask for Political Asylum in Sweden by the Priest Ulla Sandbaek, Member of the European Parliament>

The article comments some information taken from a Swedish newspaper, “Expressen”, after the press conference held in Malmo . Ulla Sandbaek suggested Gregorian Bivolaru to ask political asylum in Sweden.

The Romanian journalists considers that she had broken the Danish legislation, which just like the Romanian one, punishes complicity to criminals searched on an international warrant. Ulla Sandbaeck is presented as a notorious activist for the defense of the sexual minorities in Denmark . She would have suggested to the Guru not to ask political asylum in Denmark, but in Sweden, because the political regime in Copenhagen is now one of the most restrictive in Europe as concerns emigration and the sexual deviations.

Sandbaek defended Grieg in the press conference as well as she could, stressing the various “persecutions” that Bivolaru and his followers are suffering in Romania. The article also quotes the arousing declarations of one of the leaders of NATHA yoga school from Denmark, about tantric sex.

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Abstract of the Letter addressed by Ms. Ulla Sandbaeck to the Swedish authorities in charge with Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru's case

As member of the Human Rights Committee of the European Parliament, Ms. Sandbaeck knew the case of Mr. Bivolaru. She also knows Mr. Bivolaru personally and she is convinced his arrest in 2004 was politically motivated, because he is one of the few who have dared criticise the corruption and the lack of democracy in Romania. That's why she advised Mr. Bivolaru to leave Romania.

If the Swedish authorities will extradite Mr. Bivolaru, Ms. Sandbaeck is convinced he will not have a fair trial in Romania and possible his life will be in danger.

Letter addressed to Swedish authorities

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