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Mass media campaign >>> Internet >>> A new undignified manoeuvre by the Romanian Secret Services has been thwarted

Fake profiles of Gregorian Bivolaru appeared on Facebook!

By Maria Nicola

We bring to the attention of all our readers that on Facebook and other social networking sites there have appeared false profiles of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. Some people who pretend to be Grieg give diverse spiritual advice to naive people that contact them in this way. In the long run, these types of manoeuvre aim to discredit of the yoga teacher and misinform students and other people interested in yoga practice.

In order to counteract and report these fake accounts, the editorial staff of yogaesoteric has created a real account of Gregorian Bivolaru, which will be used to post real information about him and the activity of MISA yoga school. We mention that this account will not be used for personal correspondence and we specify once again, as we have done so many times before, that Gregorian Bivolaru does not answer questions through emails or Internet messages. Any kind of message of this type you receive, no matter who from, you need to be aware that they are false and fake. The real Facebook account of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, which will be used only for presenting correct information, is
and has the mail address gregorian_bivolaru@yogaesoteric.net.

Considering the efforts that some people seem to systematically make in order to misinform yoga students and all those who are interested in yoga, it is obvious that those behind them are not simple amateurs. We mentioned in other articles the intense activity performed by the secret service to make anti-MISA propaganda on Internet. It seems that, unfortunately, we have a new crushing example of this. Let us imagine naively that it is only a “childish game” and somebody is pretending to be Grieg just for fun. Considering the already bizarrely large number of concerted actions, which are all directed against him in order to discredit him, it is clear that it is not just a simple game or a banal “accident”. For us it is obvious that this is a new subversive action of the secret service and we hurry to expose this indignity. We ask all our readers to join with discernment this action of exposure and not to encourage this fraud, out of curiosity or credulity, trying to contact the ones who pretend to be Gregorian Bivolaru. Rather, if you have a Facebook account, you can report these accounts of Gregorian Bivolaru’s imitators (we specified above the real account) as fake! Furthermore, considering the information we have about these “social networking sites” on the Internet, we advise you to restrain as much as possible from using them and even to abolish these accounts as soon as possible, and if you don’t have such accounts, it is excellent for you and you have no need to create one.

We also advise our readers to show caution and discernment when using these social networking sites on the Internet, which basically are an insidious attack on your private life. It is not a coincidence that the CIA is among Facebook’s founders and financiers. Many voices claim violation of confidentiality and security clauses of the information on Facebook. One of the most current infractions caused by “Facebook fashion” is identity theft, as in the case we shown here.

This situation is just one of the extensive actions of disinformation and manipulation launched by the Secret Service, which orchestrate the campaign against MISA yoga school and Gregorian Bivolaru. Among similar actions we remind you of the creation of false email accounts from which letters of “spiritual advice” were sent, apparently offered by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, the posting on the Internet of certain photos and gift-messages from the 8th of March (different from the ones presented on yogaesoteric.net website), the maintaining of some anti-MISA discussion forums, the creation of blogs making anti-MISA propaganda and the posting of comments and messages on different Internet pages and blogs, such as the failed attempt of infiltration into leading our yoga school (as is the case of the ex-teacher Claudiu Trandafir). Therefore we can see that these are concerted actions, which imply considerable resources. We rightly ask ourselves, who loses time on the Internet making this? Who has the interest to discredit MISA and has at its disposal the human and material resources in order to support such a campaign? All of you who will attentively analyse the cases we refer to, will recognize a typical action of the secret service.

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