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Mass media campaign >>> Campaign starting with 18 March 2004 >>> Example of calumnies and instigations on TV – Journalist Emanuel Isopescu, Realitatea TV

Emanuel Isopescu, investigations journalist, Realitatea TV, comments on TV, at news journals, that the entire population of Romania is against MISA members, and that any Romanian would break Mr. Bivolaru’s neck. He also confesses he considers Mr. Bivolaru a potential menace to the Romanian state, and that he aims at seeing this organization terminated. He has three aggressive interventions on this topic all in news journals.


News Journal (21:00);Monday, the 26th of March 2004

Subject: “The Prosecutor’s Office of the Appeal Court. The Investigation in Bivolaru case goes on”
[Dialogue between the news presenter and Emanuel Isopescu, investigation journalist at Realitatea TV]

Presenter: “Why do you think Gregorian Bivolaru tried to cross the border illegally as long as he was not confined and could have passed absolutely legally?”

Emanuel Isopescu: “Well, it’s simple, he was AFRAID!”

Presenter: “Afraid of what, because…”

Emanuel Isopescu: “Simply afraid, afraid of the consequences of what he has done for 14 years, and we have tolerated him in a shameful way. We are all guilty – authorities, citizens, and all the others.

He in his fright didn’t know that he couldn’t have been confined to the border as long as officially he was not accused of anything, he was not under investigation, no arrest warrant was issued for him. So he acted in the most childish and lamentable way he could have possibly done. That is, trying to pass, so to say, under the barrier. Everybody asked me today, with a good reason: ‘Well, why didn’t he pass with the passport?’ It’s the question to which only Bivolaru’s stupidity can answer. It’s simply…

He was afraid of the consequences of what he has done and I tend to think there are undiscovered actions and deeds of Bivolaru, undiscovered by the authorities of course, which are much more serious than what has been shown until now. It is the future that will confirm or refute this supposition. What I know is that Bivolaru didn’t want to cross the border illegally, he simply wanted to flee. He was not a drunk peasant, I’ve said it before, a drunk peasant who mistook the border and passed by mistake!

It’s just, if we corroborate what has happened with Bivolaru for so many years in România, how many souls he has perverted in all this time, what criminal deeds start to be visible through the lots of accusations more or less grounded, what still is to be discovered, because I repeat, I have the feeling that even more serious things will be discovered, including this intention to flee, because it clearly was an intention – it’s true – lamentably, childish and cowardly followed.

All these things put together should urge the Prosecutor’s Office to issue an arrest warrant, because it’s obvious that if he is set free he will try to disappear one way or another, at least through levitation dictated by M.I.S.A. and maybe he will succeed in this way. Maybe yes, maybe not, this is Justice business and we must let it do its job.

What concerns me is the fact that we have to decide: we want or we don’t want any more to have to do with such phenomena like M.I.S.A., like Bivolaru, whom we tolerate, who sued journalists, and who ironically wants now to run abroad with a fake journalist card. It’s unpardonable…

[…] But let’s see what kind of cause is defended by those from Bivolaru’s gang left in the ccuntry, so to speak. On one hand, Bivolaru cheated them once when he perverted them, when he took them from their families, from their interests, from their homes, from their friends, from their jobs, and subordinated them to himself as spiritual slaves. So this would be the first big fraud Bivolaru did. And we know cases of alienated people, of people who ended up in the madhouses – as we call them.

On the other hand, he tried once more to cheat them last night, when he tried to sneak out of this country like a fox, which is another sign of fraud and, moreover, of fear of the consequences of what he did and, evidently, didn’t do right. Now, of course, everybody decides what he or she wants. For me it is important if we can block this harmful phenomenon or not. And generally for us…”

News Journal (21:00); Thursday, the 1st of April 2004

Subject: “Bivolaru case took an unexpected turn”
[Dialogue between the news presenter and Emanuel Isopescu]

Presenter: “The investigation journalist Emanuel Isopescu is present in our studio and will try to clear up this confusing situation. Good evening, Mr. Isopescu!”

Emanuel Isopescu: “Good evening!”

Presenter: “After what happened this afternoon, the last few hours, what can we say, does it look like a storm in a glass of water?”

Emanuel Isopescu: “Err…, our correspondent was speaking about amusement. It’s not amusing what happens, it’s dramatic, because…”

Presenter: “He said tragicomic…”

Emanuel Isopescu: “Yes, maybe tragicomic. Because in this moment, involuntarily, err, an extraordinary advertising campaign is done for the MISA organization and for Bivolaru. And I couldn’t… err… say…”

Presenter: “Voluntarily or involuntarily?”

Emanuel Isopescu: “Involuntarily, unfortunately and because of the many hesitations, so to so to speak, of the authorities. The misfortune is that now it is a match between 20 million Romanians and 78.000 M.I.S.A. followers, which is tragic, not tragicomic!”

Presenter: “Are Bivolaru’s lawyers so good and is the whole system so weak – police, justice – because, look… or is Gregorian Bivolaru not guilty, I mean the accusations made until now?”

Emanuel Isopescu: "Err… No matter how much I morally want to accuse Bivolaru, nobody has the right to say that Bivolaru is guilty as long as the justice hasn’t ruled. Of course, any Romanian who is now watching TV would break his neck, I don’t know how to tell you this, I’m saying it with the necessary decency, not offensively.

The truth is in this moment the juridical system cannot do more! Let’s not forget that the Ministry of Justice, and when I speak about the Ministry of Justice I mean also the Prosecutor’s Office and the Courts of Law, don’t have their own investigation system.

[…] Because, not earlier than today, in a newspaper, very proudly, Bivolaru says, declares with his own words, so to speak: ‘I’ve had in my life six thousand women’.

Presenter: “It’s not a crime…”

Emanuel Isopescu: “Of course not. This is precisely the madness. But from here to create himself a myth… Think that he is an amateur, sexually obsessed, with a paranoid evolution, which was established by doctors, not by journalists. We have helplessly been watching for so long this paranoid evolution, which subjugated some other naives, and… out of nothing it appeared a group that really represents a potential danger for the state. This is no joke! It is no joke, but nobody wants to gather all the pieces of evidence, to put them in a big cluster and to make a decision as to this real danger.”

News Journal (16:00), Wednesday, the 28th of April 2004

Subject: Transmission from the High Court of Cassation and Justice
[Dialogue between the news presenter and Emanuel Isopescu]

Presenter: "Which are the chances that Gregorian Bivolaru end up behind the bars?"

Emanuel Isopescu: "I’ve said it before, I couldn’t care less whether or not Gregorian Bivolaru will be in jail, what I’m interested in is whether we can terminate this nuisance called MISA, together with its leaders, since this is what the Romanian society wants seeing the evidence that the press has already shown, but the justice either can’t find them or it looses them, as is the case of the famous Madalina, who accused her yogi, then she declared to be in love with someone else, who disappeared too easily…”

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