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March 2004

1 19 March 2004 ADEVĂRUL The sect of Bivolaru closely investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office and Police. The investigators searched fifteen buildings in Ferentari and inquired eighty followers of the „integration in absolute” through urine therapy and sex Dan Cărbunaru
Violeta Fotache
2 19 March 2004 GARDIANUL Gregorian Bivolaru taken at the Police station 18
A.R. Dobrogea
3 20 March 2004 ADEVĂRUL After raids in Ferentari in the Bivolaru’s sect area, the authorities have loaded three trucks with pornographic materials.
Violeta Fotache
4 20 March 2004 CURIERUL NAȚIONAL Organised crime has taken up guru Bivolaru’s Empire The policemen discovered a studio for porno movies, an erotic video chat and traces of heroine. The evidences were loaded in five trucks. Andreea Adam
5 20 March 2004 CURENTUL The quest of Bivolaru’s yogis "The organisations led by guru coagulates consciousnesses in order to manipulate them"
6 20 March 2004 GARDIANUL M.I.S.A.’s members were burning off the pornographic material during searches. An unqualified schizophrenic worker guru for 30 000 people Lidia Popeangă
Al. Racoviceanu
7 20 March 2004 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI „We are not having group sex!” 300 cops invaded Bivolaru’s den
Georgeta Ghidovăț
Christian Levant
8 20 March 2004 JURNALUL NAȚIONAL Prostitution - raids at Gregorian Bivolaru’s centers
MISA sect - sex and drugs

Miruna Pasă
Ion Alexandru
9 20 March 2004 LIBERTATEA Bivolaru and M.I.S.A under the prosecutor’s investigation Pornographic materials were found in the houses of the Movement Simona Ionescu
Cristian Burciou
10 20 March 2004 MONITORUL For Gregorian Bivolaru, MISA’s leader, the chain around his neck is getting tight
Cezar Simache
11 20 March 2004 REALITATEA ROMÂNEASCĂ Guru Bivolaru, cornered by „two and a quarter” and SRI
Andrei Dumitrescu
12 22 March 2004 ADEVĂRUL The activity of Bivolaru’s sect - protected for years by judges, cops and officers from the Secret Services
Gabriela Ștefan
13 22 March 2004 COTIDIANUL „The spirituals” of Bivolaru consider themselves not guilty
Bogdan Perdivară
14 22 March 2004 CURIERUL NAȚIONAL The investigation on Bivolaru’s sect is extending. The Organised Crime Police Department took another two trucks of evidences from M.I.S.A.
Andreea Adam
15 22 March 2004 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI Family broken by Bivolaru’s sect. Porno materials found in the house of a teacher
Georgeta Ghidovăț
Răzvan Chiruță
16 22 March 2004 GARDIANUL Bivolaru was taken to the Police station by some gypsies during the searches.
Lidia Popeangă
Al. Racoviceanu
17 22 March 2004 LIBERTATEA New searches in Bivolaru’s houses
Silviana Ionescu
18 22 March 2004 REALITATEA ROMÂNEASCĂ While the urine therapist guru is being silent, Bivolaru disciples are trying to wipe off the traces of M.I.S.A
Tudor Borcea
19 22 March 2004 ȘTIREA ZILEI Tens of Gregorian Bivolaru followers are investigated for prostitution and drug traffic
Claudiu Bran
20 22 March 2004 ZIUA SRI is afraid of the paramilitary M.I.S.A. organisation SRI considers that Bivolaru’s Movement can be a threat to the national security.
The authorities are afraid that M.I.S.A organisation is able of extreme actions, like other known sects.
Adina Anghelescu
21 22 March 2004 INDEPENDENT „Guru” Bivolaru, also in jail before ’89
A.M. Press
22 23 March 2004 CURIERUL NAȚIONAL Student girl from Iași disappeared from home since October
23 23 March 2004 LIBERTATEA MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru are under the Fisc’s magnifying-glass
24 23 March 2004 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI „They were having group sex ”
Simona Popa
Georgeta Ghidovăț
25 23 March 2004 GARDIANUL A scanner used for listening to the Police was found at the location of Bivolaru’s sect
Lidia Popeangă
Al. Racoviceanu
26 23 March 2004 REALITATEA ROMÂNEASCĂ All the kids in the neighbourhood were knowing MISA’s activity The little village knew what the State didn’t Andrei Dumitrescu
27 23 March 2004 ZIARUL The hallucinating story of the man who swept away the minds of thousands of Romanians The master of group orgies is schizophrenic. Tens of youngsters taken by their parents to the psychiatrist Marian Ghițeanu
Șerban Comănescu
Ana-Maria Prelipcean
Luiza Ionescu
Sergiu Neagu
28 23 March 2004 ZIUA Minor girl discovered in Bivolaru’s bed M.D. was found in bed with a person of the same sex
Grig Bivolaru is the moral autor of all crimes found in MISA
Adina Anghelescu
Răzvan Savaliuc
29 24 March 2004 ADEVĂRUL In Senat’s debate, Big Brother was found as worse than porno movies and Bivolaru’s sect

30 24 March 2004 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI The monster brought into the organisation children of prosecutors, too
Christian Levant
A. Grigore
31 24 March 2004 GARDIANUL Penal pursuit has started against Bivolaru’s „sect” Investigators suspect MISA’s members as being guilty of more offences, amongst which - organised crime Lidia Popeangă
Al. Racoviceanu
32 24 March 2004 NAȚIONAL Big Bivolaru and Big Brother
Dara Mihaela Codescu
33 24 March 2004 REALITATEA ROMÂNEASCĂ Caricature: A country man tells to a cow: «What did you do, stupid, did you have an affair with Bivolaru? « 
34 24 March 2004 ZIARUL Guru is tearing the country in two.
Bivolaru is supported in the university environment

Marian Ghițeanu
35 24 March 2004 ZIUA At the day judgement
Constantinb Bălăceanu- Stolnici
36 25 March 2004 GARDIANUL Three yoga instructors have been accused in MISA’s file
Lidia Popeangă
Al. Racoviceanu
37 25 March 2004 LIBERTATEA Gregorian Bivolaru has not been accused yet
Cristian Burcioiu
38 25 March 2004 MONITORUL „Not even the drinking of urine will save him now”Gregorian Bivolaru has been given under general pursuit
39 25 March 2004 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Are they expecting masiv suicides in order that Justice to intervene? MISA’s file
Guru has a criminal record
Yogi’s debauchery in Durau (mountain resort)
Ferentari, the headquarters
MISA is a paramilitary organisation
D. Vulcan
Bogdan Adam
Sorin Ghica
P. Sotir
40 25 March 2004 ZIARUL CHRIST operation turned Bivolaru into a martyr
Three penal prosecuted in MISA’s scandal
Andreea: „I had sex with Bivolaru”
Mario Sorin Vasilescu, member of EU of YOGA: „Their leader is the prisoner of an obsession”

Andreea Tudorică
41 25 March 2004 ZIUA Suspicious „spiral” Crimes against the national security’s law Adina Anghelescu
Bogdan Comaroni
42 25 March 2004 CURIERUL NAȚIONAL The chain is getting tight in „Christ” action
Guru Bivolaru wanted by the police

Bogdan Costescu
Valentin Bolocan
43 25 March 2004 CURENTUL „Christ” operation against MISA’s sect, a „success” without results
Marius Iosef
44 27 March 2004 CURIERUL NAȚIONAL caricature Hei, boss! Which Bivolaru do we look for? The chubby one or the naked one?
MATES 2004
45 26 March 2004 CURIERUL NAȚIONAL The teacher who ruins souls
The teacher Corina Chintoaga is a MISA’s attractor agent in Cluj

46 26 March 2004 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI The files are getting swollen
Mihail Gălățanu
47 26 March 2004 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI Bivolars’ diversion
Alina Grigore
Georgeta Ghidovăț
48 26 March 2004 GARDIANUL The MISA’s adepts are the prisoners of guru Gregorian Bivolaru!
Lidia Popeangă
Al. Racoviceanu
49 26 March 2004 LIBERTATEA Teacher charger with attracting her students in Bivolaru’s organisation MISA

50 26 March 2004 REALITATEA ROMÂNEASCĂ A teacher is accused of attracting student-girls for Grig Bivolaru MISA’s victimes are telling their tragedy A.M.
51 26 March 2004 ZIARUL

Yogi’s war MISA - the land of handicapped Ana-Maria Prelipceanu
52 27 March 2004 ADEVĂRUL A minute of happiness
Diana Popescu
53 27 March 2004 CRONICA ROMÂNĂ A minute of happiness with a…..Bivolarian
54 27 March 2004 GARDIANUL Bivolaru’s followers are prisoners from their goodwill in MISA’s ashrams
Lidia Popeangă
Al. Racoviceanu
55 27 March 2004 JURNALUL NAȚIONAL He escaped in 1984 from Security’s prison
Ion Alexandru
56 27 March 2004 REALITATEA ROMÂNEASCĂ MISA is mocking of the press
Andrei Dumitrescu
57 27 March 2004 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ The authorities pursue discretly MISA and also „guru” Gregorian Bivolaru Naked yoga on Costinesti beach
Offerings from the young „artist” ladies
Ioan Rus: „The hysteria is among MISA’s adepts, not among us” Who protects the psychical health of people?
58 27 March 2004 ZIARUL Bivolaru transmitted happiness in Big Brother’s house
Ridiculous and inert

Andreea Tudorică
Mariana Niță
59 27 March 2004 ZIUA MISA mocks the press
Răzvan Savaliuc
60 29 March 2004 ATAC LA PERSOANĂ Gregorian Bivolaru and Adrian Nastase have been stolen apples together
Petrișor Cană
61 29 March 2004 CRONICA ROMÂNĂ Didn’t hypnosis work this time?
62 29 March 2004 COTIDIANUL Gregorian Bivolaru offered himself on a plate to the investigators
Filon Stan
63 29 March 2004 GARDIANUL This week, in MISA’s file will appear turn-over situations
Lidia Popeangă
Al Racoviceanu
64 29 March 2004 NAȚIONAL Guru Bivolaru in the claws of the Police
Aurelian Mihai
65 30 March 2004 ACADEMIA CAȚAVENCU Police’s investigation or Gimmickarian Bivolaru

66 30 March 2004 ACADEMIA CAȚAVENCU Caricature: Yes, sir, is Bivolaru, but this one has no bag with money, but a bag with urine!

67 30 March 2004 ACADEMIA CAȚAVENCU Mouth of bivolaru Adrian is saying

68 30 March 2004 ACADEMIA CAȚAVENCU Pică para mălăiață în guru lui Bivoleață
Virgil Yoghină
69 30 March 2004 ACADEMIA CAȚAVENCU BD la munte și la pisoare
Nicolae Yoga
70 30 March 2004 ACADEMIA CAȚAVENCU The Bivolars and the Bazin of urin
Cronică a lu’ Ștefan a Petrei
71 30 March 2004 CRONICA ROMÂNĂ All night long Bivolaru gave signatures When life beats Guru Eugenia Popescu
Gabriela Iordan
72 30 March 2004 CURENTUL With the attempt to illegally pass the border „Guru” Bivolaru put himself after bars
Marius Iosef
73 30 March 2004 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI The Bivolars are step brothers after father Paranoia: Napoleon from Tartasesti
Grigore Cartianu
Christian Levant
Ionel Stoica
74 30 March 2004 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI MISA’s leader, Gregorian Bivolaru, has been restrained at the border in suspicious circumstances. „I am the victim of a set-up”, he was shouting
Sorin Trocan
Christian Levant
75 30 March 2004 GARDIANUL While the prosecutors have prepared him a case file for sexual intercourse with Madalina Dumitru, the 17 years old girl, „Guru Grieg” made himself another penal file. Gregorian Bivolaru has been restrained for fraudulently passing the border, rape and minors corruption
Lidia Popeangă
Al Racoviceanu
76 30 March 2004 LIBERTATEA „Guru” Bivolaru is penal pursued MISA’s leader and a customs-house officer are investigated in Bucharest Simona Ionescu
77 30 March 2004 MONITORUL Stopped from going on „holiday”, Gregorian Bivolaru is „spiritually integrating” at the Prosecutor’s Office
78 30 March 2004 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Gregorian Bivolaru tried to get out of the country disguised
Liliana Brad
Mihail Mihăilescu
79 30 March 2004 REALITATEA ROMÂNEASCĂ Guru arrested for illegally wearing a wig

80 30 March 2004 ȘTIREA ZILEI The authorities finally caught MISA’s leader cheating
Emil Simionescu
81 30 March 2004 ZIARUL The Bivolaru’ strange run-away
Monica Stan
Andreea Tudorică
82 31 March 2004 ADEVĂRUL MISA’s yogis are standing up with a protest demonstration to release Gregorian Bivolaru „The other Bivolaru is free”- the members of the movement remained without guru complained L. Budin
83 31 March 2004 ADEVĂRUL Bivolars are being pulled by the ears
Magda Mihăilescu
84 31 March 2004 CURENTUL MISA shows its „muscles’ in the street Bombastic speeches, curses, booings and drivers blocked in the traffic
Corrupting minors „Guru”
Marius Iosef
85 31 March 2004 GARDIANUL MISA plays the last card to save itself: the international organisations
Lidia Popeangă
Al. Racoviceanu
A.R. Dobrogea
A. Stancu
86 31 March 2004 GARDIANUL Caricature:
-Where is Bivolaru?
Levitating, levitating!

87 31 March 2004 LIBERTATEA Yogis defend their arrested „guru”
Silvia Ionescu
Cristian Burcioiu
88 31 March 2004 NAȚIONAL MISA’s leader charged with sexual intercourses with a minor girl
Gabriela Artene
89 31 March 2004 REALITATEA ROMÂNEASCĂ The prosecutors from the Court of the Appeal have been hypnotised by MISA
Andrei Dumitrescu
90 31 March 2004 REALITATEA ROMÂNEASCĂ Yogis have been taking back their hand from Bivolaru MISA’s followers have been dancing (spinning) Hora Unirii (traditional romanian folk dance) in the center of Bucharest Andrei Dumitrescu
Constantin Radu
91 31 March 2004 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Pre-electoral hypnosis
Ion Traian Ștefan
Nicoleta Chiru
Romulus Cristea
92 31 March 2004 ȘTIREA ZILEI MISA’s leader has been arrested for sexual perversions with a minor girl Sex with a student girl from the yoga classes Cristian Ciocoiu
Claudiu Bran
93 31 March 2004 ZIARUL Officials under Bivolaru’s command
Daniel Gorgonaru
94 31 March 2004 ZIUA Guru’s network
Adina Anghelescu
Răzvan Savaliuc
95 31 March 2004 ZIUA de Constanța MISA’s tentacles
Mihai Răzvan Rotaru
96 31 March 2004 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI Bivolaru’s and Nastase’s youngsters
Costi Rogozanu
97 31 March 2004 INDEPENDENT Yesterday, at the ICCJ’s Prosecutor’s Office, the „Absolut” complained to me
Radu Constantin

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