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4 April 2006 ROMANIA LIBERA - MOLDOVA EDITION MISA scandal at the Economic High school. Guru from Focsani recruit girls from the high school Marian Garleanu link
9 April 2006 REALITATEA TV MISA PROTEST. The yogis ask for the dismissal of the general prosecutor Iie Botos Realitatea TV link
4 April 2006 ANTENA 3 The members for the Board for Human Rights of the Deputees Chmaber heard today a group of MISA representatives ... ANTENA 3 -
4 April 2006 OTV MISA complaints for abuses OTV -
4 April 2006 NATIONAL TV MISA at the Parliament NATIONAL TV -
4 April 2006 ROMPRES The board for human rights of Deputies Chamber will hear on Tuesday MISA representatives Rompres -
4 April 2006 MEDIAFAX MISA asks for a parliamentary board regarding the abuses upon its members Mediafax -
4 aprilie 2006 ROMPRES MISA representatives consider themselves to be discriminated and ask for a parliamentary board for investigation Rompres -
4 April 2006 AMOS NEWS MISA representatives consider themselves to be discriminated and ask for a parliamentary board for investigation Andrei Dinu link
5 April 2006 AVEREA Nati Meir, curious if the judge Lungu had sexual intercourse with Guru Clement Sava link
5 April 2006 7 PLUS The deputees want to know about the intimate relations of Bivolaru I.N. link
5 April 2006 ZIARUL Sex with Bivolaru, the curiosity of the deputies A.M.L. link
10 April 2006 BUCHAREST DAILY NEWS Yoga group rallies to call general prosecutor's dismissal Denisa Maruntoiu link
10 April 2006 GARDIANUL More than 1.000 MISA yogis protested on saturday, in the Capital B.C. link
10 April 2006 ZIARUL MISA gets to ECHR M.N. link
10 April 2006 ZIUA MISA attacks the press G. Tarata link
9 April 2006 JURNALUL NATIONAL MISA demonstration - the yogis ask for the dismissal of Botos . Magda Colgiu link
8 April 2006 MEDIAFAX The yogis of all around the country protested in Bucharest Mediafax -
8 April 2006 RADOR Protest of MISA members RADOR -
8 April 2006 AMOS NEWS A new MISA protest in the Capital Anonymous link
7 April 2006 AMOS NEWS MISA adepts organize a new protest in Bucharest   link
11 April 2006 ZIARUL DE SIBIU Guru endlessly delayed Gabriela Roman link
10 April 2006 ULTIMA ORA Like a two kilometers “long snake”, MISA took to the road, in the centre of Bucharest! M.Stefan link
14 April 2006 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI Guru, summoned at hearings Marius Iosef link
14 April 2006 LIBERTATEA Guru' Bivolaru disappeared without traces - link
13 April 2006 ANTENA 1 Newscast “Observator”, Guru disappeared Reporter Oana Despa, imagine Marian Tanase -
14 April 2006 ROMANIA MARE no. 822 The week in brief Alcibiade link
12 April 2006 ROMANIA LIBERA EDITIA DE TRANSILVANIA The file of guru Bivolaru, delayed because of the procedure Anonymous link
14 April 2006, MEDIAFAX Gregorian Bivolaru gave another address to the Swedish authorities Mediafax -
15 April 2006 GARDIANUL MISA leaders can’t find Gregorian Bivolaru in Sweden B. Costescu -
14 April 2006 ANTENA 3 Gregorian Bivolaru, summoned at a false address Antena 3 link
9-15 March 2006 H ORA LOCALA Zambaccian or how you can gormlessly stuff yourself Marian Ilea printed edition
20 aprilie 2006 GANDUL Propaganda in TVR pentru yoghinaria lui Bivolaru, pe bani publici Cristina Modreanu link
29.04.06 AVEREA Prima Spirala MISA s-a facut la Tartasesti Petrisor Cana link
29 aprilie 2006 ZIARUL MISA spiraleaza cu dedicatie pentru Guru . D.G. link
28 aprilie 2006, ROMPRES Caras-Severin: Adeptii MISA se reunesc la Baile Herculane Rompres -
28.04.06 LIBERTATEA MISA se aduna la Herculane Alin Ghiciulescu link
28 aprilie 2006 ROMANIA LIBERA - EDITIA DE TRANSILVANIA Yoghinii lui Bivolaru arunca preturile in aer - link
28 aprilie 2006 24 de ORE – COTIDIANUL BANATULUI De azi, pana in 7 mai, yoghinii lui Bivolaru incercuiesc Herculanele R. Porteri link
28 aprilie 2006 ROMANIA MARE Toate drumurile MISA duc la... Monica Macovei! - link
27 aprilie 2006, AMOS NEWS La Baile Herculane, yoghinii lui Bivolaru arunca toate preturile in aer Vali Popovici link
aprilie 2006 NOUA REVISTA DE DREPTURILE OMULUI Refuzul extradarii lui Gregorian Bivolaru. Dincolo de decizia judecatorilor suedezi Gabriel Andreescu link
21 -27 April 2006 Revista 22 no. 841 Insomny of imagination (Review of the book “Mut”, author Dan Stanca, Cartea Romaneasca 2006, 309 pag., n.n.) Tania Radu link
4 April 2006 ROMANIA LIBERA - EDITIA DE MOLDOVA MISA scandal at the Economic High school. Guru of Focsani recruits girls Marian Garleanu link
25 April 2006 TVR 1 “Reflector” from the second part of the broadcasted investigation on 20 of February 2006. - link

* CSM – The Superior Council of Magistracy
** ICCJ – The High Court of Cassation and Justice

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