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25 October 2005 24 DE ORE Swedish Justice vs Romanian Justice Dan Popoviciu link
5 December 2005 MEDIAFAX Complaint of the ex-judge Simona Lungu, discussed by the court in March Mediafax -
5 December 2005 ROMPRES ICCJ** asked CSM* to answer the exceptions that the ex-judge Simona Lungu appealed to Rompres -
5 December 2005 ROMPRES MISA: Simona Lungu is another victim of a set-up that follows to discredit MISA yoga school Rompres -
6 December 2005 AVEREA Simona Lungu case, postponed for March Mediafax,Rompres link
6 December 2005 AZI ICCJ will discuss the next year the file regarding the porno judge Anonymous link
6 December 2005 JURNALUL NATIONAL The secrets of Seduction/Ex-judge Lungu appears and accuses Miruna Pasa, Violeta Fotache link
6 December 2005 REALITATEA ROMANEASCA The « Bacchantes» of MISA leader assail the authorities. Simona Lungu affirms that the files of guru Bivolaru are made-up (Photo Simona Lungu) Constantin Radu link
6 December 2005 ZIARUL Bivolaru, defended by the Porno Judge (Photo Simona Lungu) M.N. -
7 December 2005 AVEREA CSM* leaders pay for the wrong brotherhood solidarity against the ex-judge Simona Lungu. The porni judge MISA associated humiliates CSM* (Picture of Gregorian Bivolaru with the mention: "The silence of Gregorian Bivolaru creates monsters") A.I.A., R.S. link
8 December 2005 AVEREA EXCLUSIVENESS. Inedited pictures of MISA exhibitionism MISA. Evidences for the immorality of the “porno judge” (Pictures of a group of women dressed in veils, in the foreground a woman in bikini wearing a flowers crown; following comment: “Simona Lungu (the one wearing the crown and her MISA women mates”)" Adina Anghelescu, Razvan Savaliuc link
8 December 2005 GARDIANUL The human trafficking file of MISA leaders has been finalized Ramona Feraru link
9 December 2005 CURIERUL NATIONAL Guru Bivolaru, sent to trial for the second time Afrodita Cicovschi link
December 2005 PLAYBOY "Brave New Wars" - -
2004 OBSERVATORUL CULTURAL nr. 217 „Smoke“ Gregorian Bivolaru, only a sequence of long series. Diversions made-up by „services“ in the difficult times of the political power Ion Zubascu link
2004 OBSERVATORUL CULTURAL nr. 215-216 MISA-Gregorian Bivolaru case interests not only the slander press Gabriel Andreescu link
2004 OBSERVATORUL CULTURAL nr. 215-216 TV-set. Bivolaru brothers and other sources Ana Maria Sandu link
13 December 2005 REALITATEA ROMANEASCA The Czech Republic refuses to extradit Priplata Constantin Radu link
14 December 2005 CURIERUL NATIONAL Almost untouched by the authorities, the pyramidal Dolphin has 52 branches Afrodita Cicovschi link
14 December 2005 ROMANIA LIBERA Prose books. The world is crazy, crazy, crazy... Dan Stanca link
16 December 2005 MINISTER OF JUSTICE Press Release, Minister of Justice. Applications of the ministry of justice addressed to CSM* and the Prosecutors' Office attached to ICCJ** "The office for relations with mass-media, cooperation with the non-governmental organizations and protocol" link
16 December 2005 MEDIAFAX Monica Macovei asks for investigations in Gregorian Bivolaru case Mediafax -
16 December 2005 ROMPRES Monica Macovei asked CSM and the General Prosecutors' Office to check the way Gregorian Bivolaru has been investigated Rompres -
16 December 2005 AMOS NEWS Macovei asks CSM to check the proceedings in Gregorian Bivolaru case Amos News link
16 December 2005 MEDIAFAX The Swedish Court justifies the rejection of the extradition of Bivolaru Mediafax -
17 December 2005 RADOR Gregorian Bivolaru case RADOR -
17 December 2005 ATAC Bivolaru, a new investigation Anonymous link
17 December 2005 CURENTUL The minister of justice asks for checks of Guru Bivolaru files" Chiper Mihaela link
17 December 2005 CURIERUL NATIONAL Swedish ask for checks Ionela Neagu link
17 December 2005 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI Application. Macovei asks for the checks of Gregorian Bivolaru case Marius Iosef link
17 December 2005 GARDIANUL Swedish say that Gregorian Bivolaru is persecuted in Romania B.C. link
17 December 2005 GANDUL Ode in the antique metro Mircea Dinescu link
17 December 2005 GANDUL The letter of Elena Udrea to Traian Basescu Anonymous link
17 December 2005 JURNALUL NATIONAL Guru Bivolaru the rejection of the extradition is explained by the Swedish Anonymous link
17 December 2005 LA STRADA Swedish think that Bivolaru isn’t guilty (Foto G.) Anonymous Periodical newspaper without an internet page
17 December 2005 REALITATEA ROMANEASCA Macovei wants to know if guru Bivolaru has or not been persecuted Constantin Radu The article doesn't appear on the electronic edition of the newspaper
17 December 2005 ZIARUL Bivolaru remains in Sweden (Foto G.) Anonymous link
17 December 2005 ZIUA Investigations in Bivolaru case M.V.R. Article published in the printed edition
17 December 2005 ZIUA Monica Macovei asks for checks in Gregorian Bivolaru case (Foto Monica Macovei) Bogdan Galca link
19 December 2005 ROMPRES "Guru" Bivolaru is undiscoverable for the justice of Romania Rompres -
19 December 2005 MEDIAFAX A new delay in the lawsuit in Sibiu in Gregorian Bivolaru case Mediafax -
20December 2005 REALITATEA TV Lipsa de procedura. Tribunalul Sibiu amana a noua oara procesul lui Bivolaru Realitatea TV link
20 December 2005 AVEREA Delay in the lawsuit of Bivolaru Mediafax, Rompres link
20 December 2005 CURENTUL Delay Redactia Curentul link
20 December 2005 GARDIANUL Gregorian Bivolaru doesn't answer the summons sent by judges R.F. link
20 December 2005 ZIARUL MISA accuses PSD of setting-up the escape of Bivolaru M.N. link
9 December 2005 TRICOLORUL Incredible, but ridicule. MISA spirals are done in the army in order to catch the spies.( ?!) Anonymous author link
19 December 2005 ZIARUL DE IASI "We don’t have any connection with MISA" Marius Margineanu link
20 December 2005 AIM (ACTIVE INFORMATION MEDIA "The man of the year 2005 (Photo G.)" Andrei Comanescu -
20 December 2005 AMOS NEWS One more MISA protest Amos News link
20 December 2005 Yogaesoteric The yogis of MISA school look for justice at CSM MISA press bureau link
20 December 2005 TRIBUNA DE SIBIU A new term in Bivolaru lawsuit Ioan Vidrighin link
20 December 2005 MEDIAFAX Christmas Entertainment at Pro TV Mediafax -
22 December 2005 GARDIANUL A Swedish parliamentarian asks the minister of justice from Stockholm to take a decision in Gregorian Bivolaru case Sorin Simion link
29 December 2005 A.M. PRESS The ex-judge Simona Lungu, a possible cause of MISA demonstrations A.M. Press -
29 December 2005 ROMPRES Romanian Justice in 2005 Rompres -
29 December 2005 REALITATEA ROMANEASCA 2005, a controversial year for the Romanian Justice Constantin Radu link
28 December 2005 AMOS NEWS Topics of Wednesday evening, 28 of December Florin Marin (news taken over Radio Romania News) link
28 December 2005 Press Agency RADOR Protest of some MISA members RADOR link
28 December 2005 ROMPRES Photo summary, 28 of December 2005 Rompres, Redactia Fotoreportaj -
28 December 2005 REALITATEA TV MISA PROTEST. The yogis submitted a memorandum to CSM* Realitatea TV News room link
27 December 2005 AMOS NEWS MISA will picket CSM* Amos News link
27 December 2005 ROMANIA LIBERA TRANSILVANIA EDITION Timisoara in 2005 - an administrative year more difficult than in PSD times. Political attacks hidden under the cover of local patriotism Alina Sabou link
25 December 2005 ROMPRES Main internal events during April 2005 Rompres -
22 December 2005 ROMPRES The judge Ciulacu from Sibiun doesn’t repent to have set free Nicu Ceausescu Rompres -

* CSM – The Superior Council of Magistracy
** ICCJ – The High Court of Cassation and Justice

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