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Mass media campaign >>> Articles regarding Yoga, MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru during 1997


Nr. Date Newspaper Article Page Author
1. 7 January 1997 ZIUA We are in the possession of a frightful audio cassette. Grig Bivolaru began a psychotronic war against the newspaper “Ziua” 12,
The morning Express
Răzvan Savaliuc
2. 18-19 January 1997 CRONICA ROMÂNĂ The yogis are proud of themselves: they pretend that they reduced the crime rate by 50% in the capital during the winter holidays 3;
3. 7 February 1997 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Guru’s Grig Bivolaru group must be put in jail 10,
Mariana Petcu
Flavius Popa
4. 19 February 1997 ZIUA 17 journalists harassed in trial by the leader of the sect MISA who organized a press conference, Thursday at 12:00, at the “Ziua” headquarters
The press holds important proofs about the sexual orgies of Grig Bivolaru
Răzvan Savaliuc; Cosmin Barbu Stamatov
5. 20 February 1997 ZIUA The press holds important proofs about the sexual orgies of the self proclaimed yogi Grig Bivolaru.
Bivolaru advises his disciples to rape their own mothers. A woman, adept of the yogi Grig Bivolaru gives herself satisfaction and drinks her urine.
Răzvan Savaliuc, Cosmin Barbu Stamatov
Anca Moraru
6. 21 february 1997 TELEGRAF Silence sometimes means complicity. The Ministry for Public Health should take back authorization from Gregorian Bivolaru 10 Adriana Oprea
7. 21 February ZIUA The united press presented incendiary proofs about the illegalities of the sect MISA.
Journalists offered the Police proofs against the self proclaimed yogi Gregorian Bivolaru
Event. Revelations
Răzvan Savaliuc
Cosmin Barbu Stamatov
8. 22 February 1997 ZIUA The law forbids obscene manifestations that are against christian morality.
Grig Bivolaru and the MISA sect infringe article 30 from the Constitution of Romania
Event. Revelations
Răzvan Savaliuc
Cosmin Barbu Stamatov
9. 4 March 1997 TELEGRAF Gregorian Bivolaru can spirituality integrate himself in the absolute of the prison 10 Adriana Oprea
10. 5 March 1997 ROMANIA LIBERA An occasional lawyer/Bivolaru-MISA, Andreescu APADOR and “The conspiracy of the worldwide judeo-freemasonry”. 10,
Irina Pop
Adrian O. Vasiliu
11. 7 March ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ MISA- a dangerous sect. Gregorian Bivolaru and the destruction of a teenager. 10,
Al Mihalcea
12. 12 March 1997 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL Gregorian Bivolaru is accused by a former follower of having “carressed” his lover    
13. 15-16 March 1997 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL Religious sects offer sexual “orgies” and “sacred drinks” to their followers 8, 9,
Aurel Ciobanu
14. 19 March 1997 ZIUA TELE7abc programs a broadca 55 min. about MISA 16;
The morning express
Răzvan Savaliuc
15. 20 March 1997 ZIUA Bivolaru is investigated by the prosecutors of the Service for Special Inquiries 12.
The morning express
Răzvan Savaliuc
16. 22 March 1997 ZIUA The Police and The General Prosecutors’ Office must intervene before sombody dies from taking aphrodisiacs, hallucinogens and urine recommended by the MISA sect.
The doctors from Bivolaru’s sect falsified papers from the Ministry of Public Health. A yogi sells his sperm for ladies’ soft skin. The Bivolaru’s group left the broadcast TELE7abc.
Revelations. Infringes
Răzvan Savaliuc
Leonard Muntean
Luca Iliescu
17. 25 March 1997 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ The sectarian temple makes new victims in Canada.
A lot of murderous sects do what they want without being punished
Gabriela Bernat
18. 27 March 1997 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Bivolaru –MISA under the protection of the Helsinki Committee? 10, Social Sebastian Chetraru
19. 28 March 1997 MATINAL Is there any relation between Ayurveda and “guru” Grig Bivolaru? 2 Cătălin Docea
20. 28 March 1997 ZIUA Ziua” offers proofs to the Police accusing the “guru” from Ferentari.
Gregorian Bivolaru could be accused of lies and tax evasion
Event. Revelations
Cosmin Barbu Stamatov
21. 4 April 1997 ZIUA Tele7abc presents the second part of the broadcast: “Who is afraid of MISA?” 2,
Manuela Golea
22. 8-14 April 1997 REVISTA 22 Symptoms of autism.
Conflicts: a Russian strategy?
Mass media
Florin Gabrea
Gabriel Andreescu
23. 15–21 April 1997 ACADEMIA CAŢAVENCU Gossip and tricks 2 Acciduzzu
24. 23 April 1997 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Bivolaru- MISA/ Between urine and metaphysics. From “esoterism” to conspiracy - through sex and ideology 10,
Băgdan Burileanu
25. 6 May 1997 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL The corpse of a follower of Bivolaru was found in Mehedia   A. Stan
26. 13 May 1997 TELEGRAF Groups and movements which have appeared in the Constanta district 9 Lizeta Haralambie
27. 16 May 1997 LIBERTATEA Enlightened or fake, the guru Bivolaru set up an empire of the licentiousness. The career of this “teacher” was built on a false image. The parents of the followers are crying with despair. The general Costica Voicu warned the Parliament about the “Bivolaru phenomena”. Guru says that during the night the freemasons put a bomb in his house. Emil Constantinescu threw out Gregorian Bivolaru. The young followers of the “guru” accuse their parents in trial. The basis of their doctrine is sex. The perversions are discussed in public 18, 19
Valentin Zaschievici
28. 20 May 1997 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Proselytism and democracy   Mitropolit Daniel Ciobotea
29. 27 May 1997 MONITORUL The man which 25 thousand of his disciples dream about.
Gregorian Bivolaru, angel or demon?
Nicolae Manoliu
30. 2 July 1997 GAZETA DE SUD The followers of Gregorian Bivolaru and urine therapy, participated at the meeting of PRM that took place 10 days ago. 1 Augustin Costache
31. 12 June 1997 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI The Bivolarians 1 Cornel Nistorescu
32. 13 June 1997 CURIERUL ZILEI (ARGEŞ) The “Curierul” found a sensational document;
Police watches the sects and satanist groups from Arges.
The puls of the day
33. 24 June 1997 LIBERTATEA The controversial “guru” Gregorian Bivolaru and his followers focus their energy for the admittance of Romania in NATO. 1 Valentin Zaschievici
34. 25 June 1997 ZIUA Between cosmic orgasm and entrance into NATO. 1 Ioan Groşan
35. 26 June 1997 LIBERTATEA The followers of the guru Gregorian Bivolaru will meditate on the topic “anti–NATO”. 24  
36. 7 July 1997 NAŢIONAL Satanists and antichristian sects played havoc with the young people of Constanta. 9,
Lizeta Haralambie, Doru Iordache
37. 14 July 1997 LIBERTATEA A young man killed his mother, father and sister. 24 Alexandra Săraru
38. 14 June 1997 ZIUA Triple murder in Bucharest;
A sectarian beastly kills his parents and sister.
Miruna Munteanu
39. 15 July 1997 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI The author of the triple murder in Ozana has been arrested;
Dragoş Sende Milea butched his family to exterminate the evil spirits.
Roxana Vasilescu
Cristian Burcioiu
40. 15 July 1997 NAŢIONAL The butcher in Ozana
The hands that killed are now enchained;
The butcher on Ozana street does not believe that he killed his sister and parents.
Lidia Popeangă, Al Racoviceanu
41. 15 July 1997 LIBERTATEA The murderer in Ozana says that the spirits forced him to kill.
The victims of the triple murder asked for help to guru Gregorian Bivolaru.
Anca David
Alexandra Săraru
Anca David
42. 16 July 1997 NAŢIONAL The butcher in Ozana followed Gregorian Bivolaru’s Yoga courses 1;3
Lidia Popeangă, Al Racoviceanu
43. 16 July 1997 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI In the house of Milea family, Ozana street, among the documents found by the investigators, none of them referres to satanism   Cătălin Chelu, Carmen Mirea
44. 17 July 1997 NAŢIONAL A sensational path for prosecutor Marius Iacob;
The butcher in Ozana was instigated to murder by a mysterious man.
Lidia Popeangă
Al Racoviceanu
45. 19 July 1997 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Ferentari, a new house for Guru Bivolaru.    
46. 19 July 1997 ZIUA Guru Bivolaru’s followers from Sibiu watched porn movies in the presence of 7-8 years old children. 1 Dan Tăpălagă
47. 20 July 1997 NAŢIONAL Guru Gregorian Bivolaru face to face with the prosecutor Marius Iacob. 9
Lidia Popeangă, Al Racoviceanu
48. 21 July 1997 ADEVĂRUL Bivolaru’s Yogis concentrate for saving Romania from the claws of masons and sionists. 1 Adrian Cercelescu
49. 21 July 1997 NAŢIONAL A guy who says he died and then came back from hell was the best friend of „the Butcher in Ozana”. 2
Lidia Popeangă; Al Racoviceanu
50. 21 July 1997 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ The triple murder in Ozana street;
Will Gregorian Bivolaru be investigated as moral author of the crime?
Last Hour
Ioan Iancu, Elena Tomulescu
51. 24 July 1997 RĂSUNETUL Pain, mud and blood (4) 1; 6
Pavel Lorinţiu,
52. 26 July 1997 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Slaves of violence: the satanists 6,
Lucian Cristea
53. 2 August 1997 RĂSUNETUL Pain, mud and blood (6) 1,4,5
Pavel Lorinţiu,
54. 5 August 1997 RĂSUNETUL Pain, Mud and Blood (7) 1,5
Pavel Lorinţiu,
55. 6 August 1997 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI The seed of Anarchy   Cornel Nistorescu
56. 6 August 1997 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI The intercourse between „Guru”Bivolaru and Nica Leon gave birth to a new abortion „Spiritually Integrated in the Absolute”. 3,
Radu Preda
57. 18 September 1997 EVENIMENTUL ZILEI Under the guidance of Gregorian Bivolaru;
officers of Romanian Army participate in sexual orgies.
Paul Stan
58. 22nd of September 1997 NAŢIONAL Exaggeration and disproportion towards the ampleness of MISA phenomenon.    
59. 3rd of October 1997 LIBERTATEA The followers of Movement of Transcendent Meditation complain that Romanians are stupid. 10,
Anca David; Doru Dendiu
60. 3rd October 1997 LIBERTATEA The yogis of the Flying Man can challenge the Army.   Anca David
Doru Dendiu
61. 4 October 1997 AGENDA ZILEI The followers of Movement of Transcendent Meditation complain that Romanians are stupid. 4  
62. 4 October 1997 AGENDA ZILEI The yogis of the Flying Man can challenge the Army   Anca David
Doru Dendiu
63. 6 October 1997 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL Radu Baltazar refused to become Bivolaru’s adept    
64. 20 October 1997 CRONICA ROMÂNĂ Amnesty International notifies the Parliament that Bivolaru’s followers are brutalized by the policemen 12,
Mădălina Firănescu
65. 17 November 1997 ADEVĂRUL The Yogis” of Grig Bivolaru receive reinforcement;
Members of extremist groupings sign the register at the sessions of „Sexual Manipulation”
1;20 Gabriela Ştefan
66. 21 Nov 1997 ROMÂNIA MARE Week in a Nutshell 3 Alcibiade
67. 22 November 1997 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Politics, Business, Sect and Sex.   Mihail Mihăilescu
68. 10 November 1997 ADEVĂRUL The Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute of ” Grig” Bivolaru was founded under the auspices of the Council of the Front of National Salvation 16;
Gabriela Ştefan
Vlad Teodorescu

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