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My name is Anna Weinstein, citizen of Israel, passport number 8345138.

On the day of 18-03-2004, I was sleeping in the house on Turturica 123 I woke up from my friend which run into the room scared, saying about some man with guns in the house. I looked from my window and saw many mans in masks with guns entering with force to the house and breaking into the doors and windows, from the libary downstairs, destroying everything on their way.

I started quickly to get dress, having no idea what is going on. In the next moment, without any warning, (no knocking or asking) a masked man, with gun broke violently in to the room (destroying the door on his way) pointed a gun into my face screaming something in Romanian, which I couldnít understand (I donít know Romanian) pointed out, so I came out of my room to the yard, followed , haged down by his theeats.

I saw all my friends downstairs still in their pijamas surrounded by masked and armed man. I was very scared, having no idea what is going on. I understood from my friends that those are policemen but no one explained to us why they are here, and they even refused to answer any of our questions about their motif. I said that I donít understand any Romanian, but no one translated anything to me about what is happening.

In this way we have been hold in the house, they didnít allow us to take anything from our rooms, and especially not to touch our phones. After we have been hook in this way in the house for around 6 hours, tired and scared we were taken to the police station (again without any explanation). In the police station after waiting in the hall surrounded by many policemen, we stayed there with no food, water for around 6 hours. After this, I was asked for my details and again receive no explanation for not a single thing in all this situation.

After this we were brought back home, were the search was going on. During the search in my room, which was very brutal, the officer took my personal photos and negatives (they just throw them into the box). Late in the night we were allowed to go back to our destroyed rooms. I must underline again the violent way in which I was treated, this incident let me with tears, which were created by those who are suppose to protect me and instead of this they denied all my rights as a human being in their country!

Data: 23-03-2004

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