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I, Natascha Kleinrath, living in Austria,2811 Katzeldorf, Hauptstrasse 71/M11, passport no.E0841266, declare here by the event happening on the 18th march 2004 in the house in str. Serg. Turturica 123, Bucharest.

I woke up in the morning around 8:30 and went to the bathroom in the other side of the house.While cleaning my teeth i hear violents noises on the roof just outside the bathroom. In the first moment i think about monkeys on the roof like there used to be in India.Remembering the imposibility of this, I think it must be people repairing the roof,when suddenly there apear a couple of men just in front of the window, breaking open the window with their feet. They are wearing masks and machine guns which they are pointing towards me.

I don't understand what is happening, terrorists, murders, I just see these machine guns and start running for my life, I am afraid that they will kill us all and when they shout: "STAI!", I was scared like never before in my life. i feel like running for my life, along the hallway, outside the building, enter again the next door and run up all the way to my room where I lock the door and ask my roommaid to call for help on her cellular phone. In the meanwhile they enter in the court and we can see that it is not a guerilla force like the procedure sugested but the official romanian jandarmerie.

We just succeed to call an lawer friend before we hear them breaking up all the doors. I tell to my roommaid to unlock the door so that they would not break it. But they did not even try to open the door in the usual way.

One man who is not in the uniform breaks open the door with his feet, points his revolver on me, on my roommaid, on me again, on me, on her an screams: "AFARA!" Completely scared we leave the room in our pyjamas and are directed outside and down the stairs where allready many people from the house were standing and we are filmed like criminals.

The man that broke into our room seemingly enjoyed to scare people with his revolver. He had it all the time in his hand, pointing in all directions while he was talking and shouting, the finger all the time on the trigger.

We had to stay outside and Claudiu Trandafir asked several times to be allowed to call his lawer. The answer was continuously: "NU!". No one knew that we called the lawer allready and there is no doubt that they would never have allowed to call her. While they were checking the first two rooms, the lawer come and she had a great difficulty to be allowed to enter the house.

Throughout the whole day we were not allowed to take anything from our room (except cloth and money) especially not to use telephone or even take telephon numbers of our relatives who of course were worried.

They searched my room, threw everything out of the shelf, stept on my pictures, stept on the bed with shoes and treated my personal affairs with the atmost disrespect and even confiscated some of my personal belongings without telling me why, or what they were looking for.

Several questions why we were kept under arest, why we were not allowed to go to our rooms, why they took our personal belongings stayed without answer and only on night when we come back from the police station, we were allowed to leave the house to buy food. We were not allowed to buy food the whole day which means that I was starving.

I was in a state of shock the whole day and I still feel fear and panic if someone only hits a door. I was scared to death and I still have nio idea why they kept me under their force for a whole day without any explanation.

Date: 19 march 2004

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