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The undersigned Dunare Haralambie Danut, residing in Piatra Neamt, 1 Decembrie 1918 st., no. 195, BI series HC, no. 462694, hereby declare as follows:

On March 18, 2004 I was going by car on Veseliei st. and I stopped to allow my friend Danilovici Marius to get down of the car. At that moment the gendarmes surrounded us and forced us to enter the building with the number 64, where a general house search conducted by the prosecuting magistracy and the gendarmes was in progress.

We entered that estate where many goods, tapes, CD-s, electronic equipment were destroyed. I was illegally submitted to a body search, although I didn’t have any connection with the operation of the prosecuting magistracy. I was brutalized, pushed and sequestered in a room with the others in the house, without being allowed to talk or to communicate in any way to each other or with an attorney.

I asked to be allowed to call my personal attorney and the prosecutor DELCEA answered to me brutally: “I am the one who asks questions here. I can do whatever I want.” I wasn’t given any possibility to contact my attorney and I was forced to get in the Gendarme’s car which took me to the prosecuting magistracy where I was forced to write a statement. I was forced to write what the prosecutor was dictating to me, to write what he wanted me to write. I refused to declare what the prosecutor wanted, because it was no true. The prosecutor insisted and he wanted me to write that at the yoga courses we take drugs and perform sexual orgies. All these were completely false and because of this I refused to write them.

In the evening of the same day I came back to the building in Veseliei st., no. 64 and the gendarmes continued to push and brutalize me, although I had given a statement at the prosecuting magistracy and had completed everything there.

My yoga pass, my yang spiral card and my mobile phone were confiscated and, although the search warrant of prosecutor DELCEA that I read didn’t specify this, he held abusively these documents. I consider that the whole action of the Prosecuting Magistracy and Gendarmerie is abusive.

I sustain and sign this statement,

Date: 19.03.2004

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