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In this very moment, because of the lack of evidence on which the first arrest warrant for sexual relationship with a minor, and the extradition request addressed to Sweden on the name of Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru are based, warrant that will be evaluated by the Swedish judiciary, the Prosecutors' Office of the Bucharest Appeal Court asked and obtained on the 15 th of April, from the Bucharest Court, a new arrest warrant on the name of Gregorian Bivolaru for the crime of trafficking persons.

We consider at least strange the fact that this court issued this warrant in the context in which, only few months ago, the High Court of Cassation and Justice admitted that the Bucharest Tribunal could not impartially judge the cause of Gregorian Bivolaru and reassigned the case to Sibiu Court .

We also want to underline that the presidents of the 2 penal sections of the Bucharest Tribunal are those who issued both the house search warrants and the first arrest warrant on the name of Mr. Bivolaru, which clarifies the secret and the mystery around this new warrant: although the court knew the names of Mr. Bivolaru's lawyers, they found out about the new warrant through media. We wonder why all these tricks, if the proof on which the new warrant is based is overwhelming???

It's obvious that the Prosecutors' Office and the Bucharest Tribunal try to cover the serious abuses, so obvious in the first file, by making up new accusations that are pathetically wick. Assimilating the activity of an artistic intermediate agency, with which Mr. Bivolaru has no connection whatsoever , and the ancient practice of Karma Yoga, with trafficking persons, show the despair and uncertainty of part of the justice, guilty of the huge number of abuses presented above.

Taking into account that Gandhi himself has practiced and taught his disciples to practice this noble form of yoga called Karma Yoga, we can only be happy that he escaped the vigilant eye and brilliant mind of some Romanian magistrates and he hasn't been accused of trafficking persons.

In this moment, in the opinion of the Prosecutors' Office and of the magistrates of Bucharest Tribunal, MISA and its spiritual mentor are prosecuted and presented to the public opinion as a group of organized crime, whose leader is Gregorian Bivolaru, and whose activities are trafficking persons. Thus, apart from the Arabian mafia, they also identified the very dangerous yogi group threatening the national security.

This is the tragic way – tragic for a so called democratic society – in which some magistrates acted, obeying the indications of their political masters, and "produced” evidence that creates the impression that MISA and its spiritual mentor Gregorian Bivolaru are a group of organized crime, doing very serious offenses.

Since today the political protectors of those magistrates are in the opposition, they try now to "save their asses and jobs" and cover their old abuses by new ones

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