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1. BEFORE 1990

Gregorian Bivolaru was born on March 12 th , 1952 in Tartasesti, Ilfov.

His erudition and his extraordinary spiritual accomplishments lead him to being granted the title of yoga professor of the International Himalayan Vishvaguru Yoga University of Rishikesh, India, as well as of the Research School of AUPAC (Academie Universelle pour la Paix par la Connaissance), France .

His contribution as an author is also significant, especially in the area of esotericism, naturist therapies, religion and metaphysics: he is the author or co-author of more than 25 books and translations, over 20 informational brochures in the above mentioned fields, as well as of several Articles published by specialized magazines from abroad (such as Yoga Journal ).

As of 1971, when he begins to teach yoga classes, he is watched by the State Security due to his correspondence with Mircea Eliade (who is considered a state enemy due to his interest in the Yoga system and the Oriental mysticism). His home becomes the target of abusive searches under the pretext of weapon possession. However, what is seized are his oriental philosophy and esoterism books, his correspondence and his notebooks.

In 1982 the communist regime banns the Yoga courses, but despite the extreme danger Gregorian Bivolaru continued to hold his lectures illegally for 170 yoga students.

On April 17 th , 1984 he is arrested. The made-up charge: possession of pornographic materials. The charge in the State Security's secret reports: conspiracy against Nicolae Ceausescu. The same reports state that he represents a danger far greater than a common criminal, because he acts in an unknown and subtle manner that cannot be counteracted.

Although arrested by the State Security, the yogi finds a unique way of protesting and, by making use of certain paranormal abilities, he escapes from the State Security prison, thus shocking those who guarded him.

Being captured he is again thrown into jail at the Margineni state prison, in the absence of any court decision regarding whatever crime other than escaping the prison. The detention is terrible, he is mistreated and beaten up, being permanently chained. Both against Gregorian Bivolaru, and against the other disciples arrested, the State Security used the most dreadful techniques for extorting information, such as deprivation of sleep, food and water, or interrogations while one of their friends was tortured, so that the person being questioned would hear the screams.

A period of an apparent freedom followed, with his investigators permanently and openly watching him in order to induce him a continuous state of fear. Then due to the fact that he had not completely ceased the contact with his yoga students, whom he continued to meet in private to discuss his ideas and concepts, in September 1989 he was again confined and institutionalized at Poiana Mare State Imprisonment Hospital , together with other political prisoners as well as with patients with serious mental disorders.

The State Security requested the doctors to dope and administer him drugs in such a dose that would have destroyed an ordinary man in less than a month. Those who visited him in that place declared that anyone forced to live in such an environment, especially created to annihilate will power and lucidity, “ would have gone insane or fallen into the arms or despair ”.

Putting his position and even his freedom at stake, the psychiatrist who was ordered the mental destruction of the yoga professor, doctor Leonard Hriscu refused to obey, saying that he could not apply their medical recommendations even for a dangerous criminal.

Doctor Leonard Hriscu has recently declared in an interview: „Their diagnosis was paranoid schizophrenia. But this was not true, I cannot accept this diagnosis. Gregorian Bivolaru was not a man in need of a psychiatric treatment. (…) we had no reasons to keep him there. He was a self-educated person who had read a lot and was very knowledgeable in many fields. When he would approach one of these field I had to back up many times, because I did not have so much knowledge about the matter in question.”

His doctor states: „it is obvious that he had been institutionalized for political reasons. This is proved by the fact that immediately after the revolution of December 1989, a special commission was established and they released Gregorian Bivolaru in a few hours...”

2. AFTER 1990

On January 1 st , 1990 the Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute is legally set up. In March 1990, Gregorian Bivolaru resumes his activity of teaching Yoga, courses with information and techniques specific to this millenary spiritual discipline.

Since at a certain moment Gregorian Bivolaru became again the target of discrimination and harassment, as of 1995 the presidency of MISA was passed over to Nicolae Catrina. Gregorian Bivolaru continues to collaborate as a yoga professor and to be involved is activities of a spiritual nature started and coordinated by MISA.

At present this spiritual movement counts 35,000 yoga students and supporters in Romania and abroad (in USA, Denmark, Canada, Japan, Australia, Holland, France, UK, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Finland, Greece, the Czech Republic, India, etc.)

This development of our Yoga School was permanently sabotaged, even if not openly, by the structures of the communist and atheist State Security, which despite the change of the dictatorial and retrograde regime remain extremely active and virulent. They are now hiding inside the new state institutions, especially the Secret Services.

After 1990 these structures “showed their fangs” many times and with their well-known communist spirit they began a true psychological attack, by spreading libelous rumors about professor Bivolaru, by contacting the heads of all institutions who rented sport halls for Yoga courses and conferences, requesting them – sometimes in a brutal manner – not to allow such activities or to cancel the contracts already signed.

In the most shameful manner, all those who embraced Bivolaru's ideas were carefully monitored by the Secret Services, that put together information files for each of them, files similar to the ones of the ” state enemies” from the communist regime.

The adepts of these occult and atheist structures, heading institutions supposed to protect the democratic values, considered that the yoga practitioners do not deserve to have their constitutional rights and freedoms observed.

The authors of the two criminal attempts on Gregorian Bivolaru's life remain - strangely - unknown. The police proved to be totally helpless in identifying both the gang of hooligans who in 1994 broke into the professor's room at the Amiral villa in Costinesti, or the author of the explosion in 1995 at his apartment in Bucharest .

As for the gravity of the attempt on his life in 1994, it can be confirmed by many eye witnesses, including the ones who practically saved him from the hands of his aggressors. Mr. Mihai Stoian, a yoga teacher from Denmark , who was present at the International Yoga Camp in Costinesti, declared that “ a group of well-built, tall men forcibly entered the room and started to destroy even the furniture (...). They began to throw the books out the window and beat Mr. Bivolaru. They started to hit him with their legs and fists. He was wearing glasses and when he wanted to pick them up they kicked him again with their feet. It was a highly violent scene! They kept shouting: “We warned you we would teach you a lesson!” And that moment people started to gather, people who knew Mr. Bivolaru came out on the hallway. Other colleagues also came there and those guys ran away .”

Afterwards the eye witness identified the aggressors but the police did not take any measures against them and refused (!) to investigate this case.

During the attempt on his life in 1995, shortly after Gregorian Bivolaru got out of his house, a fire broke out in his apartment. The fire was followed by an extremely serious explosion, that affected the entire block of apartments, completely destroying the doors up to the 4 th floor and endangering all the residents' lives. More than 3,000 volumes – including some extremely rare ones – burned in the fire.

Immediately after the event several cars with people in plain cloths could be seen in the street, monitoring the situation, asking the neighbors questions, and then suggesting them to file complaints because “ Bivolaru tried to kill you !” As they did not accomplish their initial goal, the authors of the attempt immediately switched to another version.

An investigation quickly starts against the professor, for the alleged crime of destruction. The investigation however proves that the one guilty for the fire is not Gregorian Bivolaru, whom the authorities wanted to incriminate for negligence in using the household appliances, that would have caused the fire in question.

The research of the fire brigade identified traces of gas, break-in marks on the bathroom window – through which the criminals entered, the apartment being at the ground floor -, and a cut on the pipe of the kitchen oven. The conclusion of the official report: “ the incident in the apartment placed on Telita Street , property of Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru, was caused by a criminal hand .”

The authors of this serious criminal attempt that might have resulted in the death of dozens of people - since the residence in question was placed above a gas pipeline - remained unidentified by the police although 10 years have passed.

Two attempts on the life of MISA spiritual mentor, a permanent attempt on his private life and intimacy, his freedom of expression, the equality and safety of all yoga practitioners and followers. Did the political regime actually change in Romania or is it just a change of label and facade?

The answer to this rhetorical question was given on March 18 th 2004 .

The answer is No.

The atheists, the State Security agents, the communists, the criminals are here. They are stronger, richer and subtler, hidden under the mask of a puppet-like democracy, wearing heavy make-up in order to get international credibility.

Their manipulation methods are the newspapers that publish Articles made to order, the TV stations where they can broadcast anything they want.

The repression methods: corruption, obsessive calumny, social outcast, corrupt justice that can be blackmailed to the very core of the SCM (the Supreme Councils of Magistracy).

After the unleashed force of the miners liquidated the final outpost of "hooligans", Gregorian Bivolaru remains the last serious political dissident, who cannot be fooled by the Machiavellian smiles or bought like some "puppet" union leaders, who cannot be convinced to accept the seemingly beautiful version of the reborn materialism or convinced to forget God and be silent.

The unjust repression (incriminated by the Penal Code in art. 268) started against Gregorian Bivolaru is not only a serious judicial error. It is a planned and premeditated action, led by the former State Security agents, the communist police agents now dressed as police officers, and by the prosecutors for whom Gheorghe Ursu, the symbol of the Romanian abuses before the December revolution is “a minor currency smuggler”.

Gregorian Bivolaru is the proof of the permanence of the masked totalitarianism in Romania .

The negative image created by obsessive and delirious media campaigns in the newspapers belonging to former communist leaders was gradually swallowed by the naïve consumers. The architects of this state of facts counted upon people's superficiality and upon the demonic principles: “calumniate, calumniate, eventually something will come out!”, or “when enough repeated, a lie finally becomes the truth” – for the ignorants.

The solution found by the old adversaries was to make up false evidence that they threw in the yard of the Prosecutor's Office of Bucharest Court of Appeal, which - with a promptness showing complicity - started a shameful war of the brutal force unleashed against human beings “guilty” for following the ideas and concepts of an Authentic Spiritual School.

Although desperately trying to minimize our protests, to come up with evidence, they realized that they have nothing, but absolutely nothing against MISA leaders, against Gregorian Bivolaru, and in the lack of any arguments they simply offer money for catching him.

The 50 million lei reward [approx. 1400 euro] offered by Sorin Rosca Stanescu is the most desperate alarm signal of the ideological and occult adversaries of Gregorian Bivolaru. This is the sheer proof tat the juridical circus failed and that, “guilty or not”, as a senator of the Social Democrat Party claimed in 2004, they want him caught and annihilated as a spiritual leader.

And this tragic circus began after more than a decade of surveillance of the yogi, as it is stated in the official reports of several state institutions.

And although the surveillance was justified by threats to the national security, Gregorian Bivolaru is under investigation for … sexual relationships. Alleged sexual intercourse not sustained by any evidence, yet probably, in the prosecutors' opinion, dangerous for the national security.

The similarity with the first repression upon the yogi is perfect. In 1984 Gregorian Bivolaru was investigated for conspiracy against Ceausexscu and subsequently imprisoned together with the other political prisoners although officially the grounds for his arrest were: possession of pornographic materials .

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